Un mari et sa femme tombent amoureux d’une femme à la salle de sport et deviennent un « trouple »

Un mari et sa femme tombent amoureux d’une femme à la salle de sport et deviennent un « trouple »


If from now on the word cattle is one of the new fragments of the discourse of love, this concept is not as contemporary as one might think. Legendary three-way households have already hit the headlines in the 19th century with the famous Victor Hugo, his wife Adèle Foucher and Juliette Drouet, a French actress. In 1943, Jean Paul Sartre frolic happily with his famous partner Simone de Beauvoir and Olga Kosakiewic. This story, relayed by the Daily Mail, echoes these once doomed triads. A husband and wife meet a woman at the gym. By mutual agreement, they decide to form a herd and are more in love than ever.

From now on, polyamory has entered the neologisms designating the most atypical forms of affective and sexual orientation. For supporters of this type of relationship, love is a feeling that cannot be sclerotic to one object. Leo and Mary are among those lovers who think outside the box. When they meet their beautiful at the gym, they are struck by an obvious fact: they must at all costs invite her in their romance. Lighting.

A hellish trio

When Leo and Mary fall head over heels in love, they are barely 13 years old and experience their first high school emotions. Four years later, they decide to get married and to formalize their love. At 34, Leo launched into entrepreneurship and managed his Crossfit gym with a masterful hand. It is also in his workplace that he saw the beginnings of his extraordinary romance with his wife. When they meet Kimberly Slagle, it is a real friendly love at first sight. An infernal trio was born.


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