L’opposition annonce la mobilisation à partir de 15 janvier jusqu’au 7 février pour forcer le depart de Jovenel Moise.


After repeatedly failing in their battles to force President Jovenel Moïse out of power from the start of his presidential term, opposition leaders now find themselves forced to use February 7, 2021 according to the article 134-2 of the Haitian constitution as the last attempt to find the desired result, or to achieve its objective, that of seeing the team in power leave and installing a transitional government.


on November 30, 2020, the political leadership of the opposition presented a proposal for an end to the crisis requiring the formation of a transitional government, with a prime minister from the opposition or civil society or a government with a prime minister without president. One of the heads of this department, Maître André Michel, said that this proposal for the formation of this transitional government is being discussed throughout the month of December, with a view to presenting by the end of December a single proposal involving all members of the opposition and civil society.
Which proposal should be applied February 7, 2021 which will mark the end of the constitutional mandate of President Jovenel Moïse according to the opposition and almost all sectors of national life.


To implement their plans, they set up this Monday, January 11, 2021 a citizen mobilization committee for the respect of the constitution composed of Maître Andre MICHEL, former senator yourry Latortue, former senator NeNel Cassy, ​​Timothé Rony to quote only those. the members of this new political structure
presented a mobilization calendar which will begin on January 15 until the probable departure of President Jovenel Moïse on February 7, 2021.
However, the tèt kale team does not seem to want to give in to the pressure of the opposition, since the head of state announces chentiers for the year 2021, he announces the carnival at Port de Paix.The CEP has already published its brief electoral calendar … commitments despite the announcement of mobilization of the opposition to demand the tenant of the national palace to respect the constitution in its article 134-2 relating to the end of his mandate


This dream of seeing the places of the « tèt kale » team emptied, will it be realized with this divided opposition?
It is not without knowing that there is a great political divergence within the leaders of the opposition.

By analyzing this division within the opposition, this battle unleashed for leadership. By noting this disagreement on the formation of this transition, namely will the president of the transition come from the court of cassation or the Haitian parliament? Then can we say that this opposition will be able to prevent the team * têt kale * to continue his little guy until February 7, 2022?


An opposition subdivided into several branches such as: radical opposition, moderate opposition, plural opposition * fanmi Lavalas * and * pitit Desali-n *.
This divergence within the leaders of the opposition can in no way inspires confidence in the Haitian people (Pise gaye pa kimen).
only a major popular uprising that could require the international community to order the head of state to relinquish power, but never, with some leaders suspected of corruption, never with some opposition leaders doing the diversion political, never with opponents who have no real political conviction .


Even if in reality, everyone sees and notes that during the last ten years, insecurity, misery, unemployment and corruption are worsening in the country.
Everyone sees and notices that the whole country is gangsterized thanks to this power, it becomes worse than the period of « Operation Baghdad » in 2004. Everyone sees that the population is taken hostage by the chiefs of bandits controlling all areas, all districts of the capital and in provincial towns.
The civilian population is deprived of any police security.
the police are often used as a political tool by state authorities.
We approach from time to time towards the total collapse of the state or the nation, we are very close to a social explosion, a civil war. To this end to save this nation that our ancestors left us as a heritage, the people need to be more aware in order to wake up and take their destiny in hand.
You should know that the people reject all these traditional political leaders, moreover they have contributed largely to the misery of this people, to the insecurity marked by the phenomenon of kidnapping.
The people need a new generation of serious, honest, credible politicians to take the kidneys of power in Haiti.

May GOD protect Haiti


Thomas St Vil.


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