J’ai obligé ma femme a couché avec notre fils. Lisez mes raisons et dites-moi si j’ai tort

It all started when my son was turning 18. That day I only saw boys at her birthday party. I was worried that a young boy of that age would laugh at girls and prefer boys instead. I was afraid our son might be gay. 

My wife and I decided to ask our son to introduce his girlfriend to us the next day. The next day our son came home with a daughter. We asked her why she was not there on her birthday. She told us she was busy and her father refused to let her go out.

There was a guest room outside the main house. In this room, we installed a camera and we asked our son to take his girlfriend into this room and have fun.

I had drugged my son and also put viagra in the drink that the maids offered them. A few minutes later, I was so scared that what I did could result in the death of my son. The dose a lot for a boy his age

I was worried that the pills I put in his glass could lead to his death if he didn’t have sex within an hour. After several attempts to kiss her, the girl got angry and left. I saw my son stretching his belly and screaming with pain in his exe.

I was in pain and there was no turning back. My wife was so angry. She was the only one who could help at that time. It was then that I asked my wife his mother to sleep with our son to save his life. . She refused at first but I forced her to do so.

Since then, my wife doesn’t want to talk to me anymore and our son has fled the house because of the shame of having slept with his mother. I ruined my life because I was afraid my son was GAY. Please, I need your advice.

I know most of you will judge me, but I also know for sure that those who will judge me do not have children. I did it because I didn’t want our son to die. The worst thing for a father is knowing that his son is gay


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